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ref. Sheetmetal Fabrication (imp-shfab-e)





Sheetmetal Fabrication


Sheetmetal Fabrication

Shearing Machine: The most popular machine for shearing of sheetmetal is Hydraulic Guillotine Shear.

Recommended Item: WARCOM (Italy),

COLGAR Hyd.Shear (Italy), COLGAR Mech.Shear (Italy)



There are two different types of sheetmetal shears - the Guillotine Shear and the Swing Beam Shear.


The Swing Beam Shear is suitable for precision shearing of thin sheetmetal. The Model RAS 85/86 Swing Beam Shear has diverse functions such as automatic feeding with workpiece gripper at the front, sorting device, etc.

Recommended Item: RAS 85/86 (Germany)



Model RAS 52 shear has similar function as RAS 85/86, but of economic price.

Recommended: RAS 52 (Germany)



Model RAS POWER CUT is a model, which is of a more advanced function than RAS 52, but of lower priced than RAS 85/86.

Recommended Item: RAS Powercut (Germany)



The most popular machine for sheetmetal bending is Press Brake.

Recommended Item: WARCOM (Italy), COLGAR (Italy),



(Remark: There is also another type machine, FOLDING BENDING machine, which is of different from press brake in the working method.)


The FOLDING BENDING machine is useful in the bending of thin sheetmetal (0.8 - 3 mm; or sometimes up to 5-6 mm). This machine has great capability in the bending of rather complicated profiles of large size panel. It has greater performance and productivity than press brake.




The German RAS machines are very good in the Folding Bending. There are various different models which are of different levels of automation.


The Model RAS74 series is useful in the bending of complicated shapes in the large size panels.

Recommended Item: Folding Bending Machine RAS74(Germany)



The Model RAS 79 Automatic Bending Center is a fully automatic sheetmetal bending machine which is workable even without operator. The workpiece sheet is taken into the machine automatically from the stacked pile of sheets. The automatice manipulation of workpice sheet is done fully automatically, of which function includes inspection of dimensions of various positions, feeding, taking out, rotation, transporting of finished piece.






There are many important features of RAS79 series Automatic Bending Center. But, the most important features of this machine which is outstanding the competitor machines are: Offset Bending, and Inner Window Bending which are done automatically.




Recommended Item: Automatic Bending Center RAS7922 (Germany)


The Model TURBOBEND and the Model FLEXIBEND are also of superior function, but available at a more economic budget. The max. sheetmetal thickness is limited to 2 mm in case of TURBOBEND; max. 3 mm in the model of FLEXIBEND. (remark: The max. sheetmetal thickness of RAS 74 is abt. 4 mm.)

Recommended Item: RAS Turbobend-plus, RAS Flexibend (Germany)


CNC Punching Press

Recommended Item: TAILIFT (Taiwan)



Roll Forming Line


Recommended Item: RAS rollforming (Germany)




OCS rollforming (Italy)



STAM rollforming (Italy)


Special Manufacturing Line

Special Automatic Production Line for Drawer Roller Slide Element

The drawer roller slide element is used in the kitchen furnitures and office furnitures. There is an automatic machine

Recommended Item: OCS (Italy)



Automatic Line for Sheetmetal Doors

for the production of steel doors which are used in the buildings and apartment buildings. The RAS company (Germany) has special know-how in this field.

Recommended Item: RAS Automatic Production Line for Steel Doors (Germany)

Plate Bending Roll

Plate Bending Roll machines are usded in the manufacturing of Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Chemical Tanks, and other various kinds of tanks.

Recommended Item: PROMAU-DAVI (Italy), IMCAR (Italy). SERTOM (Italy).



Small-Cylinder Production Machines

for the production of small domestic boilers, water heater made of thin sheetmetal. In this machine the rolling process and the welding process are integrated.

Recommended Item:

JAMMES (France), FACCIN (Italy)



IMCAR (Italy)



The EXPANDING Machine is used for the increase of Cylindricty of the Cylinder. The workpiece cylinder, after coming out from the Plate Bending Roll, is welded and then put into the Expanding Machine.

Recommended Item: JAMMES (France)



Section Bending Machine is used for the bending of shapes (sections; profiles) such as Angles, Channels, and H-beams, etc.

Recommended Item: TAURING (Italy), IMCAR (Italy), SERTOM(Italy).FACCIN (Italy)




Manufacturing of Flange Plate of Large Pressure Vessel

In the production of flange plates of large pressure vessels, the two different machines are required - the Dishing Press and the Flanging Machine.

Recommended Item: SERTOM (Italy)



Bevelling Machine is used for cutting of the edges of thick steel plates, in order to help the butt welding of plates.

Recommended Item: SERTOM (Italy)



Tube Working Machines

Tube Working Machines include: Tube Cut-off Machine for the mass production of cutoff tubes, Tube Bendiing Machine, Tube End-working Machine.


Tube End-working means such jobs as:

flaring (widening of utbe ends), swaging(narrowing of tube ends), beading (making of protruded ring type on the tube), punching, etc.


There are two types of tube bending machines : Single-head Universal-type Bending Machine and the Twin-head Bending Machine.


The single-head type machine is good for diversified jobs. And the twin-head type machine is good for mass production of symmetrical bending.


Dengler CNC Flexible Thin Tube Bending System: There is a special tube bending machine for handling of very thin tubes (12 mm or thinner) which are used in the automotive parts such as fuel line or oil line.




Recommended Item : Twin-head Pipe Bending: LANBOW (U.K.)



Recommended Item - Single-head Pipe Bending: YLM (Taiwan)



Recommended Item - Tube Cut-off: SINICO (Italy)


Recommended Item - Tube Punching: LANGBOW (U.K.)


Recommended Item - Automotive Fuel Line & Oil Line Production: DENGLER (Germany)



Multi-Stage Former

for bening of wires and narrow steel strips to produce very complicated parts.

Recommended Item: BURGER (Germany)




Steel Coil Processing Machines

Cut-to-Length Line, Slitting Line, Combined Slitting & Cut-to-Length Line



Recommended Item: REDBUD(U.S.A.), STAM(Italy), COMES(Italy), SACMA(Italy), IRON(Italy)


Machines for Structural Steel Fabrication

Machines for Steel Structure manufacturing are:

Circular Cold Sawing Machine, H-Beam Drilling Machine, etc.


Recommended Item: H-Beam Sawing and Drilling Line: TRENNJAEGER (Germany)


Machines for Air Conditioning Coil Unit Manufacturing

Hairpin Bender

Recommended Item: Tridan Hairpin Bender (U.S.A.)



Fin Press Line

Recommended Item: Tridan Fin Press (U.S.A.)



Flanging Machine for production of ventilating ducts.

Recommended Item: RAS Flanging Machine (Germany)



Machines for Duct Manufacturing

Square Duct Manufactuing Machine

Recommended Item: 


Square Duct Joining Machine

Automatic joining of rectangular section ducts.

Recommended Item: 


Radial Cut System

Recommended Item:  


Ductwork Ribbing Machine

for reinforcing of the duct strucural stability.

Recommended Item



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